The Lansing snow plane


Hwfa Jones, meteorologist; 1970-1971

This was at Halley Bay when I arrived 1970 - It had been the 'personal transport' of one of the 'Three-Winter Fids' and considered a deathtrap! At the end of his tour he dig a pit and buried it to save anyone from disaster!
It was of course then dug up again in 1970 and the aluminium shell stuck together again with pop rivets (Fin Smith involved here I think)and used over the year by Fin and a few other enthusiasts. I think they also buried it (or let it drift over) and it was next dug up my Mike Taylor in 71/2. More pop rivets etc and away it went again! I had a go skiing behind it once and even though I tried to cut the corners the speed of the thing was such that I ended up with only my feet exposed from a snow bank.
I thought it was potentially lethal - that prop was BIG and seemed to be just a few inches away from the back of the driver/passengers head. It crashed along rather than sailed! If I remember correctly I think it could do 70mph...but that might just be a Fid tale. It was fast though..

[02 August 2005]

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10 January 2006
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