Halley 1969-1970

Reunion 16-17th May 2017

Dave (Gonk) Hoy

A reunion was held for FIDS who wintered at Halley bay 1969 and 1970. After much hard work by Malcolm (Bloke) Guyatt and Bob Wells we all met at Wabberthwaite in the western Lake District.

Out of a possible 43 surviving members 9 were able to attend. These Being:-

Paul Burton
Malcolm (Bloke) Guyatt
Dave (Gonk) Hoy
Martin (Snoopy) Pindar and wife Maureen
Ian (Fin) Smith
Mike Taylor
Roger (Tiff) Tiffin
Mike (Muff) Warden
Bob Wells
Some of the guys had not seen or heard from each other for over 47 years!

Halley Bay 1969-70 team: 2017 Reunion
Assembled throng minus Bob. Click on picture for annotated version
L to R. Fin, Tiff, Muff, Snoopy, Gonk, Mike T, Paul B, Bloke

On the Tuesday evening Fin, Snoopy, and I (Gonk) rolled up to Bloke's house. Many pleasantries and expletives were exchanged, then some rugged adventures and age-related ailments were discussed. We left Bloke in peace, while he struggled manfully with a bloody-minded gazebo-like structure and adjourned to Ravenglass for a tasty repast.

Wednesday dawned, not as bad as it could have been, with even a hint of sunshine. Bloke was in full swing with preparations for the afternoon, so Fin and I scarpered sharpish for a trip on the narrow-gauge railway, thus avoiding reunion gash.

On returning we assembled in Bloke's enormous workshop (having failed with the Gazebo) where Snoopy, Bloke, Bob Wells, Mike Taylor, and Paul Burton were assembled with some "Cassidy what happened to you" moments. Jollity and alcohol ensued with much memorabilia (photo's music, doc's etc) followed by a BBQ until Bob had to leave to take part in an orchestra rehearsal. Almost immediately Rog Tiffin turned up, so on with the motley. As shades of night were approaching Muff arrived with usual irreverent greetings. Folks gradually departed leaving Fin, Bloke, Muff and I chewing the fat in near arctic conditions. Suddenly Rog turned up again, he had forgotten his wife's Ipad, on departure we heard the roar of his 5Litre F-type Jag disappearing into the night. Things finally wound up around midnight with vows of we must do this again.

It was generally agreed that it was a worthwhile enterprise and the informal nature added to the enjoyment. We felt that it would be good to repeat the event next year in springtime, where and when TBA with hopefully a bigger take-up.

Finally, we wish to express our thanks to Bloke for organising/hosting and a special thanks to Bloke's partner Wendy for her efforts in food prep, tea making and general hosting. Also a thanks to Chris (Ceeje) Gostick who was unable to join us but instigated and produced a booklet of post-fid potted histories.

11 June 2017
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