Films and blogs

by Mike ('Smet') Durrant

[Commenting on Z-fids Newsletter No. 8]

The Last Tram, I remember well. It was one of a number of  supporting films shown before the "Big Film". The Feature Films were hired for the year from the UK and were limited in number and interest. The other shorts were kept on base. The Last Tram showed the last days of the London tram network.  Other popular ones were the Shell History of Motor Racing and also a British Transport Film called Holiday which showed people arriving at Great Yarmouth on steam trains. But the music for the sound track was by Chris Barber.

It is all very well talking of Blogs complete with digital pictures going to and from the Antarctic. What about us receiving our newsletter, limited to 100 words, courtesy of a WOP and the Morse code?

[3 July 2006]

20 December 2018
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