Bog chisel

Peter Noble:
Re the bog chisel, it was certainly entitled thus by 1967 and predates the term "turdicle" which was coined in the winter of 1968 when I was delegated to fell the offending objects.  As my turdicle article on Zfids web site states, I used a short lump hammer (never even considered a bog chisel as it would have been totally the wrong type of implement).  I suspect the term may have originated at a base with no "long drop" where perhaps unheated loos had to be cleared on a regular basis.  I have the Sanitation Blues song amongst my memorabilia:  (if anyone knows the lyricist I'd love to know and give credit where due.) [22 Mar 2010]

See also comments by John Skipworth and Ron Gill.

28 March 2010
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