Tony Baker, carpenter; 1964-1965 & 1967

I have just a few words to tell you about 'Golly's Folly'. I remember in February 1964 using the 'Caboose' as it was known back then as a site office when I was constructing the 'New Office Block' at Halley Bay Two. It was fitted out with just a table on which to spread out the drawings, and maybe a primus stove on which to make a brew, but I'm not sure about that. Later that year during the summer field season it was fitted out as a bunkroom for two, and also housed a 'Mini Beasty' it was then taken to the inland ice I think to depot 70 and set up as an ionospherics observatory ['Coats station' -- Ed.]. I cannot for the life of me remember who manned the station, but I have in mind Jerry Wright (iono), Harry Rodgers (cook), and Phil Goodwin (met). In March 1965 when returning from our six month holiday in the 'Tottans', Simon Russell, Dai Wild, Louis Juckes and myself called in to see them on our on our way back to base. The 'Caboose' was also used on another occasion for a Mid-Winter trip to the 'Hinge Zone' below 'BOB PI'.

11 April 2009

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