Halley Bay Sledging Flags


John Griffiths; Meteorologist, 1962-1963

I was a member of the October 1962 Muskeg trip which made the first vehicular trip over the Bob Pi crossing up onto the inland ice to lay dumps for subsequent dog and Muskeg trips to the then unvisited Tottans.

Both Muskegs had flagpoles upon which a big Union Jack flew.  The idea, as I remember, was so that if, when on the move, the wind picked up quickly causing drift and we lost sight of the other Muskeg, there would be a fighting chance that we would be able to see the other flag, get together and stop.  We also made personal sledging flags from the 18" x 18" flags.  Mine, which I still have, has a white cross stitched on the one side to  show the cross where we thought we were going, and a question mark on the reverse as to how we were going to do it!  There was at least one other which I remember had the shape of a water tap on it, as we had imperiously named our expedition the "Tottan Advance Party"

[20 July 2005]

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7 January 2006
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