Plan of Base Z: Halley I

Plan of Base Z: Halley I
Plan of Base Z: Halley I.
The labelling has not scanned too well. The points marked on the plan, top to bottom, left to right are:
Food Dump, Building & Dexion Dump,
"Fixed" mark,
Cloud Searchlight,
To Halley Bay 1 1/2 miles, Radar Set, Balloon Shed, Magnetic Hut,
Ozone Hut, Old Met Tower, Fluxplates, Met Screen, New Met Tower, All Sky Camera,
Radio Aerial towards Port Stanley, Flag Mast, Generator Shed, Old Base Hut, New Base Hut, Radio Echo Hut & Aerials,
Radio Aerial to U.K., Ionospherics Hut,
Wood Dump, Emergency Dump.

The upper (lower) scale bar is -100 to +200 yards (-100m to +174m).

From the BAS Archives. Document reference: AD6/2Z/1961/A2

25 May 2004

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