Tooth crown lost and found

Stuart 'Mangler' Marsden


In my first year I lost and swallowed my front tooth 'jacket' crown biting on toast. Since no replacement or alternative treatment was possible until back in 'civilisation', I had no alternative but to wait a few hours for the crown-bearing turd to 'appear' and take then it over to the Radio Echo hut (I was banned from doing it in Main Hut), where I disected it (and other non treasure-filled turds) slice-by-slice until I hit 'gold' well dental 'porcelain' actually. After suitable cleaning I glued the crown back on with Araldite and it remained fixed for the next 20 months. Back home my dentist complimented me on my dental handiwork. My alternative nickname especially in the UK where I constantly espoused the virtues of Araldite was 'Glue Man' :-)

[01 Oct 2012]

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